Recent Activity

My self-published novel “Kansas Two-Step” has become a popular word-of-mouth sensation at work and among my elderly parents Internet buddies.  One woman, apparently in her eighties, referred to the “hunk” on the back cover.  I am flattered indeed.

I am at work on publishing another short novel and learning from the mistakes of the first.  Design of cover, font, and networking and sales.  These are older pieces that are entertaining but not worthy of intensive rewriting and editing.  If they serve a purpose, it is to educate me on the systems in place for publishing, editing, designing and sales.

I have a full length novel that I am editing and re-writing now, as well as two other novels that I hope to work into mainstream publishing.  I am researching writer’s conferences that i might be able to attend as long as they are regional (i.e. within driving distance for a weekend getaway).

I have a new novel that I am writing, referenced earlier in this blog and it is more emotional than other peices I have worked on in recent years.  hence, it takes more out of me.

I am reading and attempting to read as much as I can.  All of this in between keeping the blog going, working, paying bills, planning menus, etc.   The next major menu to plan is for my sister-in-law and brother-in-law.  he was “required” by his company to go on a business trip to Bangalore, India.  The months of preparation for such an endeavor caused a bit of stress upon them and the family as a whole.  He is back safe and sound.  My wife and I plan to have a couple’s night and treat them to an at-least five course gourmet meal.  If my sister-in-law is actually keeping up with this blog she will be aware that I will have the Vanilla Bean Flan available to her as a dessert.

If not, then everyone else will know before her.

I will keep everyone informed of writing activities as well as the complete menu for this extravagant dinner.


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