I’m International!

I know the power of the Internet.  I know how far-reaching blogs can be.  Until this time I have had readership from Canada (thank you, Jennifer Neri) and from England (greetings to Lawrence Estrey) as well as the United States.  But recent events have taken my writing to an even further international level.

My brother-in-law, Greg, works as a software engineer in Wichita, KS.  Recently, he was in Bangalore, India for the second time in less than a year at the behest of his company.  He, like most of my family, has been encouraging and supportive of my writing.  He had not had much of a chance to read my two self-published novels, Kansas Two-Step and Quick, but a nearly twenty-four hour flight affords everyone extra time.  He also had with him several of my business cards.

Well, he read both and enjoyed them, of course.  They had personal inscriptions inside to he and my sister-in-law, Sharyl.  But he came up with an idea.  During the little down time that he had (after all he was over there to work), he brought one of the books into a book store in a mall that to a degree caters to Westerners and left it on a shelf.  think of it:  Someone picks up the book, reads the back cover, sees the inscription inside and brings it up to the counter.  The clerk doesn’t know what the price is, calls the manager over, and they arbitrarily set a price and sell it to the interested party who later on finds a business card for the author with email address and blog site.  The mystery and chance of it are far too exciting.

With the other book, he gave it to the software engineers who were there from Israel.  he instructed them to do whatever they wished in terms of reading or not reading it as long as it got passed along to someone else.  It reminded me of the old-fashioned chain letters.

So, on the off-chance that a resident of Bangalore, India or somewhere in Israel has come across the business card and stumbled on to this blog, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  You (whoever you may be) are welcome to comment and communicate.  Please know that I intend to keep writing and passing on these little stories and comments myself and I will graciously accept whatever feedback you care to offer.


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