The Search Has Begun

My wife got me a present recently.  It was Jeff Herman’s “Guide to Book Publishers, Editors, & Literary Agents–2010”.  It’s big and thick, coming in over 1000 pages.  It looks like someone’s family bible.  AND she said there was an even bigger book.  Wow!  My wife’s presents often have a subliminal message to them although in this case I felt like I was being hit over the head with, oh, let’s say, a 1,000-page book.  The message: start the process of finding whoever it is you need to get published and leave the job that gives you no joy.  A worthwhile message, to be certain.

I’ve spent the better part of the last eight months setting up this blog, getting business cards, and feverishly writing.  And re-writing.  And reading.  BUT I’ve taken no active steps toward the business side of things: agents, book publishers, editors.  (Hey, they’ve got a book for that!)  Many many years ago I would have thought “My work is not ready for publishing” or “I’m not traditional enough to be published”.  These would have been the words of a cynical youth.  Well, my beard is grayer and working in customer service with the general public has not eased my cynicism.  So, what has changed?

The beating wings of Time.  “But at my back, I always hear/Time’s winged chariot drawing near.”  {Andrew Marvell–“To His Coy Mistress”}  If not now, then when?  When will I be “good” enough?  When will there be an ideal match of publisher and writer?  I’m a better writer now then ,let’s say, fifteen years ago.  Not as good as I could be but I do not have the luxury of waiting for perfection.   And the literary world is constantly turning on itself to a point where Mainstream is a constantly changing river.

This week, no writing, no re-writing.  Reading.  A big book of over 1,000 pages.  Trying to find an agent, a book publisher, an editor.  Taking the next step.  The search has begun.

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