KWA Scene Conference

The Kansas Writer’s Association Scene conference will be March 27, 2010.  I will be in attendance; it will be my first writer’s conference.  (First of many, I hope.)  Formerly known as Scene of the Crime Conference, it seems the name has been changed to de-emphasize one particular writing genre and enhance the focus on writing in general.  From what I’ve read, several of the speakers are geared toward crime and mystery writing.

There is also an additional 10-minute private consultation with a publishing expert.  Not knowing what it entails, what to do, what to ask, I’ll attempt to be as prepared as possible by bringing a manuscript and trying to figure out the most important questions to ask in 10 minutes and then to write down answers as quickly as possible.

Overall, I’m hoping to make as good an impression as possible on a personal level, meet several “someones” and advance myself and my writing.  There is a business aspect to all of this.  Whereas I am not “seasoned” in it, I’ve been “marinating” as a human being for going on 48 years and should be “ripe” for “plating”.  (Sorry for all the culinary references but I do contribute articles about cooking and I haven’t had lunch yet today.)

I’m certain it will be a wonderful experience.


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