Networking–What a gig!

I’ve added this blog into the NETWORKED BLOGS application on Facebook.  I’m reaching out.  When you are in Wichita,KS and there are limitations what you can do from a geographic standpoint, networking is what is necessary.

I find it necessary to follow the social network sites AND read blogs of some other writers AND write entries for my own blog AND write AND edit AND…

Oh, yes.  there is also work and honey-dos and cooking and everything else that makes up contemporary life.  I’m sneaking this brief post in before my wife gets home.  As soon as I’m done, it’s prep the appetizer and start Happy Hour!  (We are both off tomorrow which technically gives us an additional night of Happy Hour!)  And then the three-day weekend is not about glamorous fun.  It is about as much landscaping we can do before the heat and humidity gets us.

Somewhere in there will be the writing and the networking.  I’m breathless already.  You see that there IS a reason and a need for Happy Hour!


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