And the work continues…

I recently completed three novellas in the transgressive fiction mode.  I also challenged myself by writing one in first person narrative, one in second, and one in the third person.  None of the pieces were specifically selected for which narrative would be applied; they just seemed to naturally fall into place.

My wife (my editor) is working on the third one.  She was a bit alarmed at the second one which was quite darker than anything I had previously written.  On a walk one evening after work, I had mentioned to her that I needed to “come down” from writing that afternoon because it was a little alarming and disturbing even for me.

On the one hand it is gratifying to know that we as writers can dig into the basest and most primitive aspects of our humanity, the primordial and almost animalistic aspects.  But there is also a need to have the strength to pull ourselves back up into a more civilized state of mind.

Once all three are satisfactorily completed they will be grouped and put onto because I believe I have enough “followers” to be interested.  Those who already know me will either understand or potentially laugh at the dark humor.  Those more recent acquaintances may find it difficult to maintain camaraderie until I explain to them what has been outlined above in this entry.

In order to offset the dark cloud that hung around during the construction of these pieces, I have started working on a YA piece to pay tribute to my niece who seems to want to be a writer as well.  She’s got the moxie for it, that’s for sure.  But since she is only 9 (going on 10 this August) it would be nice for her to have one of her uncle’s more suitable pieces to read and brag about at school.

And the work continues…


4 thoughts on “And the work continues…

  1. lol – yes I am certain she would love that!
    My own kids love it when we create stories together.

    This post is timely for me as I am trying to decide which novel to work on. I have two. One that needs some mild editing, that I am not so attached to but is an entertaining piece. The other is my baby but needs more work, yet for me is emotionally draining. i think, having a newborn and diminished capacity for emotion at the moment I have decided on the fluff piece. Have fun with the YA – I can’t wait to tackle one myself one day! What genre will you do?


  2. Never having even CONSIDERED YA, I’m not sure WHAT genre it would be called. My story outline is of a young girl in a military family who, even though she has many THINGS, has few friends because of all the moving around. Her latest move brings her into an association with an elderly woman who she calls The Bird Lady. The older woman has bird feeders all over her backyard, always seems to have a set of binoculars and a journal, and can do songs and calls and whistles. The lesson is that you can always have friends, etc.
    My wife has recently developed a passion for birds although she is not as old as the character I am imagining. I’m hoping I can incorporate some of my wife’s bird photos into the book. The most I would do with it is self-publish it on, get a few copies for the family, and an extra copy for my niece to donate to her school’s library.
    Hey, if it’s half-way decent, I may donate a few copies to a few schools. Anyway, it’s more about my darling niece than the writing. You know how important family is and so, in this case, the writing is just a way to honor family.


  3. Hi tikiman, the girl’s friendship with the Bird Lady sounds like a very interesting story.. My back story revolves around a relationship between a boy and a man (a father figure) who kept racing pigeons.


  4. I automatically think of “On the waterfront” when it comes to racing pigeons because that is my ONLY point of reference. That has a very interesting foundation to it.


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