Book Covers

I’ve done a great deal of experimenting when it comes to my three works that are “published”. I have them on and in the Kindle store. I am working on getting them on Pubit from Barnes & Noble. I’m learning how to make book trailers. This was all above and beyond the writing and editing process.

“Kansas Two-Step” was a novella I wrote during my breaks and lunches on one-subject notebooks by hand at an old job. When I first decided to put it on Lulu, I decided to take the picture myself for the cover since I didn’t want to get into any rights issues. Digital cameras can be wonderful tools. I initially thought it might be too dark of a cover but since it deals with pornography and murder it suited the subject. (By the way, those are my ostrich skin boots.)

“Quick” is an older piece, written at a time when I was trying to jump-start my writing. It was written in that fashion, one chapter a night after dinner with a couple of glasses of wine. No outline. What you would call guerrilla writing. I knew I wanted to convey the essence of speed, since the beginning of the story is the main character (Jamie Quick) leaving the scene of a bungled robbery that turned into murder. The thing with digital cameras is that you can’t take a blurry picture. UNLESS your wife leans very far forward in the passenger seat, almost pressing the camera to the windshield and quickly tries to snap passing vehicles. (This was on Highway 11 in Oklahoma on the way to our cabin in Kaw City, OK.)

After being unceremoniously dispatched from my place of employment after thirteen years, I wrote a series of very dark transgressive novellas. Unintentionally, there was one in first person, one in second person, one in third person. They were so dark that my wife had to do a double take to make sure I hadn’t gone off the deep end. I had not. the writing was excellent therapy. I used a different template from than I had used on either of the first two and was able to create a diverse imagery that I hope creates a sense of the stories.

All of this was within the last eighteen months. There is no sense of perfection here whatsoever. I know there are people out there far better adept at the digital technology. My efforts ARE enough to give me a sign of encouragement that I can learn and develop and grow. I will not be (nor can I afford to be) the grumpy old dude who wishes things were the way they used to be.

As long as I continue to read blogs and follow those writer’s adventures in the New Digital World of Writing; as long as I keep my mind open to possibilities that the technology affords; as long as I keep the brain in creative overdrive, I will eventually meet my goals.

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