Style and Voice

In previous posts earlier this year, I indicated that I would only be working on projects already written and at least in a third draft stage or above. No new projects. Must re-focus and re-evaluate.

When I contemplate those projects, I notice a variety of style and voice. I’m wondering whether I am eclectic (perhaps presumptuous to say) or just haven’t found my voice and style yet (sad to consider).

SWANSONG – Hard-boiled story of a disgraced former Wichita Police detective, run out of town on the proverbial rail, now being forced to return home after his self-imposed exile to investigate the possible disappearance of his younger brother.

WEEKEND GETAWAYS, OR ADVENTURES IN CONTRACT KILLING – A dark comic Transgressive piece in which an unnamed narrator with what seems to be a drab and listless life meets an older gentleman who introduces him to the fascinating world of contract killing.

THE STOOGES – A dark comic crime caper in which three very petty criminals band together to pull of a scheme in order to make some serious money. The first thing they have to figure out is what caper to pull off…and then how to accomplish it.

THE .9 MM SOLUTION — A procedural in which a team of FBI profilers tries to track down a perpetrator who is killing bad people who have avoided criminal prosecution. An underlying sense of social commentary exists in the diary entries of the unknown subject.

So, they all deal with crime but take different paths to achieve the ends of the story. Now my wife (who as you are aware is also my editor) would pass this off to my supposed multiple personalities. I’ll accept that answer. (Obviously I have to. She’s my wife.) However, I also believe that you use different means to accomplish different ends.

As with my other passion, cooking, how you prepare each meal is different in terms of spices and sauces and cooking style. Each meal should come out great (if not exquisitely) and the ends always justify the means. With a meal, however, you only get one shot.

As I proceed through this year of editing and revision, I will take into account the many tools at my disposal and hope that I can use them to the fullest advantage that these stories will require.


1 thought on “Style and Voice

  1. Sounds really interesting. Wishing you the best with all your writing, Lawrence


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