As a writer, do you choose what to write or does it choose you? There is a possibility that both can happen.

Of my two works in progress, I came up with the first line to my dark comic transgressive piece, Weekend Getaways, or Adventures in Contract Killing, simply out of the blue.

“I never gave much thought to killing people, outside of the usual.”

There was no character or plot or theme. It was simply a line. A greeting, if you will, to a new friend who I have had to get to know over a long period of time.

On the other hand, my procedural, The .9 mm Solution, was developed over a long period of time by discussions with my brother-in-law who had some unique perspectives on the justice system which seemed to coincide with my theories on the penal system. Between the two of us, conversion at various family gatherings, the story took form. Yes, as with all revisions, it has evolved. But there was at least a conscious effort involved.

So, as a writer, do you choose or are you chosen?


2 thoughts on “Choice

  1. I am very bad at planning what I “should” write. Almost everything I write is because that story was the one that was “ready to be written” at the time I started writing. Sometimes, I start with a line so good I know I have to find out more about the character or the story. More often, it’s more of a “wouldn’t it be funny if” or “I wonder what would happen if” chain of events that just take off in my head. Both are good. 😉


  2. In both of your last two examples, the word “if” was predominant. I truly believe that we are writers because we consider the “if” more readily than most others.


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