It’s like a jigsaw puzzle…

I’ve been working on a police procedural entitled “The .9 mm Solution” from an idea inspired by discussions with my brother-in-law. He has some straight-forward ideas about law enforcement and the penal system. So, I formed them into an idea for NaNoWriMo in 2009. I’ve been working on various drafts since then.

I think I get it down to something workable and entertaining and figure it might be the traditional type piece that could secure an agent. During a KWA meeting last year, I read the first chapter in a small workshop. Gordon Kessler, one of the founders of KWA and the current president this year, made some comments causing me to revise that first chapter. I saw him again at the KWA Scene conference, passed on to him fifty pages (along with the revised first chapter) and waited.

THIS is why we need feedback. We CANNOT work in a vacuum.

I got back the binder at a KWA monthly meeting and when I got home I didn’t see any notes until about page 20 or so. “This is where the story starts.” I’ve always read that in blogs and in Writer’s Digest articles, etc. What you think is your beginning is not; it’s the prelude to your beginning. And love it as you might, you’ve got to chuck it. Start where the starting is good.

Along with that, I realized that I needed to change the focus and center of attention and restructure it completely.


It’s like a jigsaw puzzle where you pull the pieces apart, keep what fits and find new pieces to fit the old pieces. As long as you still are in love with your story, the heart of it, the sense of it, then it makes sense to keep going.

I’m still looking for the new pieces. I’ll let you know when I find them.


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