My Digital Progress

Here’s a scorecard:

WRITING: I’ve started editing two novels, giving them the full revision treatment. I’ve worked out a synopsis for a new novel based in part on the life of a retired Wichita, KS police detective. I’ve thought about a story line for NaNoWriMo.
On the writing front, pretty abysmal.

PLATFORM: I’ve continued to blog, Facebook, recently signed up for Twitter, stayed abreast of e-publishing options, attended KWA meetings, and am this close to getting a web site set up.

Platform vs. writing. Gotta have something to promote. Gotta have someplace to promote it. Sometimes the efforts are side by side and sometimes one takes a lead in the race while the other catches up.

And in between and all around this carnival is regular good old Life. You know, the full-time job and homeowner thing and the husband. It’s all an incredible magic act, not really juggling, because we are creating an illusion with every hat we wear, a performance of wonder.

I wonder what I’ll do next.


  1. Valerie Del Signore said,

    September 26, 2011 at 12:21 pm

    Indeed Brother! Equating “good old Life” with a magic act is not such a profound thought. So very true that humans are always looking for acceptance in any form…I, myself, have always been a frustrated thespian of sorts and with that truly understand. So many hats, so many illusions, I wonder? “Can’t you see the real me, can’t you?”

    3rd Big Sister,



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