“What do we do now?”

In the 1972 movie The Candidate, an idealistic lawyer played by Robert Redford is persuaded to run for the Senate against a popular incumbent. He’s given free rein to run his campaign as he sees fit, until he starts to become a viable candidate. At the end of the movie, after winning the election he sits glumly in his hotel room rather than confident and proud. He speaks to his campaign manager who is surrounded by a throng of people and asks “What do we do now?”

Well, I’m feeling that same way. I’ve realized the needs and requirements of being a writer in this contemporary digital age and have followed through accordingly. I have dipped my toes in the waters of Facebook and LinkedIn and Twitter and Kindle. I have set up my own website and added links to, well, me out in the world of cyberspace.

What do I do now?

The interesting thing is that I know what to do and it involves regular management, as though I were diabetic and needed to test my blood sugar. There is no longer the casual get-together with writers in coffee shops smoking clove cigarettes and contemplating the modern version of ancient Roman classics. (Yes, I did all that.)

There is a new world of tweets and posts and entries and connections and networking. I KNOW what to do. It’s time to get around to doing it.


3 thoughts on ““What do we do now?”

  1. i do miss meeting at the old 4th floor former servants’ quarters where you and jg were floor mates. and the few regular coffee shops and benches on comm ave. and reading spaces and open mikes.

    but this digital world works much better since you moved to the middle of the country and i moved to the mid-atlantic region. but boy, i do miss the laughs in person.


    1. Well, okay, how about this:

      With my digital voice recorder, I can think of something funny and laugh, upload it to Audacity and convert it into some kind of file (mp3, wav, etc.) and post it.

      Never mind. You said “laughs in person”. Well, it was almost a virtual reality.


  2. Hi, I’m struggling with the what-to-do-next question, having finished one novel and unable to start another. I’m quite hoping to make another online piano recording and do more with music.

    Hope all is well with you. My novel is now available as a paperback in the States.


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