My first Dudeist Wedding

Yesterday, I officiated my first wedding as a Dudeist minister. The ceremony began at 2 PM. By 2:10 PM, Jennifer Dale and Philip Stinger were declared husband and wife.

What made it a Dudeist wedding? Nothing more than my presence as an ordained Dudeist minister. The bottom line is that two people, standing before family, friends, and a few neighbors who happened to be standing in their driveway, witnessed two people declare their love for each other and their intention of making a go of it.

Catholics, Protestants, Jews–any religion does the same thing. They each have their rites and rituals, their words, their prayers. But in the end, it is all the same thing.

I was honored to be a part of it, especially in light of the fact that their first minister, Jeremi Kirkhart, ordained in the universal Life Church, passed away unexpectedly at the age of 34 back in November.

Prior to the wedding, Jennifer related the story of asking Jeremi to officiate. His fee? $1.25. Equally touching was Jeremi’s standard response to the generic question “How are you doing?”

Loving life; living the dream.

I was presented with two coins totaling $1.25 and a pocket watch inscribed “LOVE LIFE; LIVE THE DREAM.” In my sermon, my simple words to them was to be each other’s best friend and sole companion, and grow the bond of love between them.

Their words to me were a reminder. No religion that professes love and life is a joke. Nothing in life is more important than your dreams. Nothing is more sacred than your life.

So, to Jennifer and Philip, a long and happy life. To their family and friends, know that you are blessed.

And to all else who read this: Love life and live the dream.


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