Post Conference Blues; Pre Conference Jitters

Last month was the KWA Scene Conference. The Friday night started off with Pitchapalooza. all day Saturday was filled with a vibe and an energy. I came out of it like most people who attended — energized and ready to write, edit, publish, self-publish, network, promote.

And then Real Life set it.

I’m not saying I feel like the rope is slipping through my hands, but I’ve barely made a dent in transcribing my notes from my digital voice recorder and I haven’t gotten started on an edit for an existing piece and a complete outline for two new pieces.

And now, I’ve just determined that my work schedule is NOT changing and I WILL have the opportunity to go to OWFI Conference. Which is barely three weeks away. Which I sill haven’t registered for or gotten a discount rate on a hotel room.

I can hear all the comments now. “What are you waiting for?” “Go online and register.” “Don’t miss out on a good deal.” “You NEED to go.”

It’s the last one that’s the kicker. I think most writers go through a phase which starts with showing your work to mommy and daddy. They, of course, think you’re brilliant and wouldn’t say a word against you. You may have some friends who are not writers who you trust — until they read your work (because, after all, they’re your friends) and you realize you can’t trust their opinion. Spouses will support you. They’ll tell you they’re behind you. That makes for a great relationship but you know you need more.

That’s where writer’s groups and conferences come into play. Agents, editors, publishers, and other book industry people don’t necessarily think you’re brilliant, can be trusted, and give you what you truly want — an In. A foot in the door. A chance. An opportunity.

But they don’t come to you. You’re supposed to go to them.

So after this entry, I am going on to the OWFI site to read about registering. I am going to reserve that hotel room before it goes up (and what struggling writer can afford that?) And I will be as prepared as I can in the short time I have.

Because, the bottom line is I believe in myself.

8 thoughts on “Post Conference Blues; Pre Conference Jitters

  1. Preach on! Psst. I believe in you too. 🙂


    1. I’m very touched. And I mean that in a personal emotional way way and not in a mental defect way.


  2. I’m heading to ASJA at the end of the month, so now I know what to expect, haha.


    1. You may think you do, but you need to be open to the unexpected conversation, the surprise comment, the opening to a discussion. It’s one thing to have a finished work but I have found you need to HAVE a platform and BE a platform. Do it and good luck to you.


      1. I’m working on it. : /
        Thanks for the advice!


  3. Sounds excellent. Hope it all goes well for you.


    1. Just that I’m going means it will go well. Confidence in self without it being false pride. (Oops, sounding a bit Biblical there.)


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