A Worthwhile Responsibility

Yesterday, I was voted in as the president of theKwa, the Kansas Writer’s Association. I had already been feted to become president in 2013. But the sudden resignation of founder and recent president Gordon Kessler created an instant vacuum.

Enter The Tikiman, aka “Rabbi” Dude.

Well, it seemed like I was jumping aboard a moving train, loaded with freight and heading for a pre-determined destination. No worries. All you need are a passion for writers and writing and a desire to foster a community of individuals with an artistic temperament. All things being equal, it feels like the Boston Poetry Scene from the mid-90’s.

This is a responsibility that I relish, not for any sense of glamour or prestige or to add a bullet point to my obituary. This is exciting because lighting the fuse of conversation, setting off an explosive interaction, creating an environment of discussion and networking is worthwhile.

I know people will see beyond the manic personality and the Hawaiian shirts and be glad that they are on that same freight train. The adventure is just beginning.


10 thoughts on “A Worthwhile Responsibility

  1. Awesome! I know you’ll be a wonderful President!!!!


    1. Only time will tell. But the energy and enthusiasm are there.


  2. Ohhh I think you can have great fun with this!! Enjoy 🙂


    1. Great fun and the ability to teach AND learn at the same time. What a blessing!


  3. Sharyl Friebus July 22, 2012 — 6:34 pm

    Congratulations H! They picked the perfect person for the job! Greg said to tell you congratulations too!


    1. You can congratulate me on Friday. (So much for springing the news on you, huh?)


  4. HB, you did a wonderful job at the KWA meeting. Congrats on being named President.


    1. With you as my Nora, I plan on making a dashing Nick Charles. Now, who will play Asta?


  5. H.B. you are an original, and there’s no one like you. I really enjoyed your first swim through the pool of writers at the last KWA meeting. It was fun. You have a creative mind, enthusiasm, and energy–I’m looking forward to your leadership. Roll on, my friend. We will follow!

    Bonnie J.–


    1. I plan on following as much as anything. This is more like a circle where there is no beginning and no end. Just a vortex of energy.


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