Putting on a Conference – KWA Scene Conference, Mar. 16, 2013

Have you ever organized a conference of any kind? Neither have I. But I’m doing. With the help of the board of the Kansas Writers Association, the KWA Scene Conference is less than a week away.

I didn’t know anyone of enough stature who could speak at a conference. But one recommendation led to more. Surprisingly, they all were from the Wichita, KS area. Just shows you that there’s talent everywhere.

Sometimes, my “Old School” mind hides the possibilities of the digital age. I created a commercial for YouTube. Who creates a commercial for a writer’s conference? I did.

Our Newsletter editor became a de facto Promotions Director and called around to local businesses. I’m almost sure she’s never done anything like that before. But now we have sponsors and prize giveaways. We added Events to various websites.

And when the flyers and online info wasn’t enough, well, I made the sacrifice to go on t.v. (Hey, somebody had to do it.) KSCW agreed to interview me for their morning news show. Kara Newell, the host, was a real professional.

I’m scheduled to go on KSN, the NBC affiliate on Tuesday, Mar. 12. The two appearances combined don’t even come close to fifteen minutes of fame. But they may encourage or inspire a writer out there to figure it is time to expand upon their knowledge and networking.

Sometimes I think I don’t know what I’m doing. I just figure it’s better to do everything.


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