After the Conference

I said yesterday that the 2013 KWA Scene Conference was like a wedding: Nothing was perfect and everything was beautiful. In the end, you only remember the good things. It will be left to those of us on the KWA board to sort through things, analyze and evaluate.

I truly feel blessed to have had such wonderful and diverse speakers. Stan Finger’s presentation on his book, “Into the Deep”, was completely moving and inspirational. Esper’s discourse on YouTube as a viable platform opened many people’s eyes, almost as much as his work. Roy Wenzl gave sound advise for writers regarding focusing on story and NOT the author. We will look forward to his new book on Father Emil Kapaun. John Jenkinson showed that the author’s voice can be tinged with humor while making a statement.

But there was no doubt that Jenna Blum, the keynote speaker, was our star. With great wit, she challenged those to work hard, as hard as she did through over 100 agent rejections, to bring your stories to life and see them through to being published.

There are so many things that a writing conference can be. There are only a few things that it should be. That is: entertaining, informative, and inspiring. I believe we accomplished that.


9 thoughts on “After the Conference

  1. It was a great day. Very entertaining and informative.


    1. Yes, it was. And pleasantly so.


  2. I enjoyed meeting everyone yesterday!


    1. Networking is half of what we do. It has worked for me.


  3. This was a timely post for me to read. I’m attending my first conference in a matter of weeks – thanks!


    1. Go for it, Gwen. And don’t be shy. Get into the mix. meet people. Say hello. Let them know who you are. Because, you ARE somebody.


  4. Thank you – I’ll do that.


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