Time to Get Back to Writing

For months, I’ve done little in terms of writing. You know, actually sitting down at a keyboard and constructing sentences out of words and paragraphs out of sentences and…Well, you get the point.

I’ve been a leader, an advocate, an administrator, a chair, a madman lunatic doing everything possible to put something together for others. Right or wrong, plus or minus, for better or for worse, this is what I’ve done. But I’m a writer and it is necessary to get back to the good old ritual of making stories and drawing characters and inventing places.

I’m currently re-working my procedural “The .9 mm Solution”, inspired by the ideas expounded by my brother-in-law with regard to the judicial and penal systems. (He would refer to them as ramblings but I’m able to find inspiration in anything.) It’s a perfect time to be finalizing this piece because there is another writer’s conference, OWFI, coming up in early May. Instead of being the guy running the show, I’ll get to be the guy running around in the show.

It is always special to be in the vast company of writers, regardless of genre or experience or level of competency. After all, the nature of what we do is similar. I didn’t get to do too much of that at the KWA Scene Conference because I had to be there for everyone. Except me, of course. Now I get a chance to take in the view, listen to something interesting, meet new writers.

But first, it’s time to get back to writing.


6 thoughts on “Time to Get Back to Writing

  1. Good for you. Get to it… You sound all fueled up. Love it when Inspiration shows up.


    1. Never lost it. It was just…sleeping for a little bit.


  2. Sometimes, we need a little break.


    1. Isn’t there some quote that the devil finds work for idle hands?


  3. Good morning H.B. Good to hear you’re getting back at it. It’s easy to get caught up in everything around being a writer without actually writing. Kind of a trap it seems.

    I understand what you mean about being the guy running the show. Enjoy being a guest at the next conference instead of driving it. Too much time out front, at least me, leads to resentment and none of us wants to get to the point where our passion turns to … work. Bleh.


    1. Absolutely correct! I NEVER want writing to be anything less than a passion. Sure, if I made my living at it, that’s one thing. But it still wouldn’t be work. I’m still waking up in the morning; I’m still breathing. It’s all good.


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