The 2013 OWFI Conference – Part 1

You go to a writer’s conference for three primary reasons: to learn, to network, or to socialize. If you are fortunate, all three things will happen.

This year’s OWFI Conference provided me with a new approach to possibly getting additional bylines by writing magazine articles; an opportunity to meet Chuck Sasser and Bob Avey, two experienced and successful writers who have Dan Case of as their publisher, just like me; and to hang around with dear friends from KWA and get to know them better as people as well as writers.

You can not help but come away with a rejuvenated feeling after such an event. As writers, we primarily work alone, sometimes in the dark with simply the glow of a computer screen to enlighten us. At some point, the work has to be presented to someone or several someones. Until that time, it is not real except on your hard drive and in your mind. Whereas it may not be “ready”, it needs to see the light of day in someone else’s eyes.

Writers together have an understanding and a bond. They also have a propensity for acting strange and getting into trouble. (Or that may just be me!) You make a comment about how some piece of dialogue didn’t sound real or how one scene is slowing you down but is nevertheless necessary. And the other writer knows what you’re talking about.

You can talk all you want about genre and how the gal that writes the western romance has nothing in common with the guy who deals in historical mystery. That’s not necessarily true. The notion of Craft comes up in the forefront of every conversation just as two chefs understand the same concepts, though one bake pastries and the other roasts meat. This is where the value of conferences is to be found. The slight details, the specialized knowledge, and the pat on the back are all exchanged in hopes of all becoming better writers.


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