It doesn’t have to be controversial. Or does it?

I am thrilled to announce the publication of my second book, The 9 mm Solution, now available on Amazon Kindle. It’s been another fascinating association with Dan Case, the publisher of Deadly Niche Press, an imprint of AWOC.COM.

This procedural finds a team of FBI profilers trying to determine the identity of an unknown subject who is doling out a special brand of justice to various perpetrators who have escaped justice by means of a single 9 mm bullet. The three main characters are: Harrison Bradley, the up-and-comer who is fascinated by solving the intellectual puzzle; Gordon Figueroa, the veteran who watched his uncle burn out doing the same job; and the unknown subject who seems to be very logical with regard to his methods.

This story came from years of discussion with my brother-in-law regarding the judicial and penal system in this country. It is not unlike the original Dirty Harry, or the more recent films, The Boondock Saints and Harry Brown. This was meant to be an entertainment, nothing particularly controversial. But perhaps it is.

The news today is filled with stories of a country divided by ideals regarding religion, economics, and basic freedoms. I didn’t intend to stir the pot any more than your highly paid, good-looking, intellectually deficient news personality. Perhaps my approach is more thought-provoking.

It would be truly interesting to provide a copy of the book to a member of the NRA and anti-gun advocate, let them read it from cover to cover, and then sit back and discuss the moral merits (or lack thereof) in the book. As moderator, you will never find me expressing my opinions; it’s a book and I’m the writer and not running for public office.

Several books in history have stirred up controversy and altered the course of a social agenda. Consider Silent Spring by Rachel Carson or The Jungle by Upton Sinclair. I certainly do not mean to place my work in that lofty environment. However, precedents have been set. Certainly, there is already a discussion regarding gun rights and new conversations open up every time there is some stark tragedy.

Ok, so this book was written as an entertainment. Hopefully those who buy it will think of it in that fashion. And, no, it doesn’t need to be controversial. But I hope to heck it is.


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