Aphorisms on Writing

Brevity is the soul of wit.

Too often, we rely on massive tomes that deal with the subject of writing, literary analysis relating to Point of View, Character Development, Story Arc, etc. These books are worthwhile but tend to make a writer feel more like a student and less intuitive.

Over the past two days, I have been inspired to put aphorisms on writing on my Facebook page. Those writers who follow me have seen and liked or commented. I realized that this forum is largely devoted to writing and the writing life, so I felt it was prudent to share with readers here.

Any and all comments are welcome.

“The craft of writing requires immaculate patience as well as a freedom from reality.”

“Since words may be used as both tools and weapons, be careful how you approach a writer.”

“The story must be told…in a fashion suitable for the story, not the reader.”

“Translating my words through your experience will undoubtedly alter the intent of the work. But, then again, that IS the intent.”

Genre is simply the language of writing. It may be foreign to you but you can understand it if you try.”

“We never truly say what we mean. Therefore, dialogue should hide more than it reveals.”

“Writing in a linear fashion WILL get you from Point A to Point B. Which is fine if all you want to do is get to Point B.”

“The writer must divest themself from the truth in order to allow honesty to emerge. Unfortunately, there is too much of him in his own work which causes him to lie.”

“The notion that there is a limited number of plots is predicated on the concept that there are a limited number of eyes reading the story.”

“There are stories to be found in all five senses.”


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