“Ark City Confidential” – What’s in a name?

Heather Devore

When I heard her name, I thought “Wow! That’s a great name for a femme fatale!” I thought of Hammett and Chandler and Ellroy’s “L.A. Confidential.” THAT was a name. We worked at the same company but in different departments. I hadn’t even considered a historical crime fiction set in Prohibition-era Kansas. I just knew her name was special.

So when I approached her in the break room, I must have scared the heck out of her when I said, “I’d like to use your name in a book sometime as a femme fatale.” She looked at me kind of funny (the way my wife often does), and said “Sure. Just make me hot and sexy.”

Well, Time is a funny creature and does strange things because it can. A new department was created and we were both in it. Then, we were on the same team. And, well, then I started writing “Ark City Confidential” and I told her she was in it AND she was hot and sexy.

She is my co-worker. She is my friend. And in some small fashion she has been made famous (dare I say, infamous) as the femme fatale, the gangster’s moll, the key to the whole sordid mess. It’s been an absolute thrill to tell her about the writing, the editing, the pitch to the publisher, the release date.

I’m just the writer. And “Heather Devore” is a character in my novel. But there is a real person who has enjoyed this journey as much as myself.

“Ark City Confidential” has its worldwide release on January 11, 2017 through The Wild Rose Press and Amazon.

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