Anticipation and Expectation

Well, if you haven’t heard by now, I’ve got a new book coming out on June 4. There is always a palpable excitement when your publisher advises you of the release date and you start letting EVERYONE know. This is something that I started researching three years ago and actively writing about two plus. The sense of anticipation has been like a roller coaster.

The journey starts with completing the first draft, working through as many drafts as it is necessary to make sure it is a viable work, pitching (either to an agent or publisher), creating contracts, the specificity and detail of the editing process. It is as though after one cycle is complete, you are forced to go through the Highs and Lows of the next cycle. On this book, all of that took place while I was: (a) working with the editor on the audio version of the first book in the series, (b) researching and starting the first draft of the third book in the series, and (c) you know, just going to work and doing the grocery shopping and cooking dinner, etc.

There are plenty of times where the mundane aspects of Reality tend to soften the manic experience of all the various anticipatory occurrences. But when the book is actually released, you are supposed to have some sort of expectations.

Now, may people will tell you to shoot for the moon. Enter the published work in a major contest. Take some time to push through an intense marketing campaign. Do a blog tour. Get some local signings/readings. Expect to be on the New York Times Bestseller List.

Yeah. Okay.

I think just having a printed version of your book IN YOUR HAND is a great feeling. To know that you formulated a story and, with the help of a considerate publisher and conscientious editor, you have created what is designed to be an entertaining piece of fiction goes beyond expectation.

Naturally, I hope that it is read by many people who find it enjoyable. I hope it receives a greater degree of recognition than the first book. I hope it allows me to make a little money. Of course, I fantasize about the New York Times Bestseller List and major accolades. But until something I write turns into lightning in a bottle, I am going to continue to anticipate the joys of creative writing and expect it to provide me with the same sense of fulfillment each and every time.


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