Going for it!

So, this is happening:


A book signing/30’s style cocktail party to promote Secrets of the Righteous, Book Two of the Ark City Confidential Chronicles. My co-host is the Rev. Cindy Watson, the senior pastor at the First United Methodist Church here in Wichita, my neighbor and my friend. As the inspiration for a tent revivalist whose exhortations may have inspired a serial killer, she embraced the character and the opportunity to help promote me, a local writer.

This has involved planning and promotion and serious thought and consideration. But I realized if I am to truly take my writing efforts seriously, I absolutely need to make more of an effort at “getting myself out there.” I use a variety of social media, I connect and interact, I attend writer’s conferences…all of that. Until now, however, I’ve never put myself in the forefront, leaning on the edge, putting something at risk.

You may get to a point in your life where you are more concerned about losing what you have, as tenuous as it may be, and deciding that your passions are more pastimes and diversions. You may even convince yourself of that. In the end, you don’t move forward. At work, you’re “the guy who wrote a book” or among family you are “our resident writer” with the word itself being more of a curse than a blessing.

I’ve realized that in the nearly 50 years since I first penned quaint stories with pencil on blue-lined yellowish paper the notion of being a writer has stuck with me through all the things I’ve been through, good or bad. I’ve always had my writing to bolster me and guide me.

So, now, after the second book in a series no less (with three more to come), I am going for it, risking something (money, reputation, possible embarrassment and failure) for the possibility of reaching a larger audience, a more local following, and step forward into a world that has been my passion since youth.

I won’t be any worse off after this. But, I may be a lot better.

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