Lost in the Plains: And the countdown continues!

Ok, time to mark your calendars:

September 2, 2019 – Cover reveal.
September 9, 2019 – Book trailer (with some amazing vintage photos).
September 16, 2019 – Worldwide release of Lost in the Plains: Ark City Confidential Chronicles, Book Three

The Ark City Confidential Chronicles follow beat patrol cop Baron Witherspoon, the facially scarred World War I veteran. His injury occurred when a mortar shell blasted behind him and forced him forward into barbed wire. The earliest versions of reconstructive surgery have take their toll of the course of time.

In his twenty plus year career as a police officer in the small Kansas town of Arkansas City, he has dealt with the presence of Chicago gangster, ‘Crazy’ Jake Hickey, as well as investigating a series of gruesome murders in 1935 in Ark City and in 1938 in Wichita. He had the good fortune to meet Eliot Ness and learned a great deal about investigative technique.

Now, it is 1943 and while the war is raging in Europe, it is brought closer to home by the presence of two FBI agents. Having been told that a German POW escaped from a camp in Concordia, KS, some 200 miles to the north, and is headed toward their community gives rise to the high possibility of an act of sabotage. Even more frightening is the notion that a German agent, living for years as a resident, may be a point of contact for this soldier.

In a time of war, ANYONE can be the enemy.

Ark City Confidential and Secrets of the Righteous are currently available through these links.

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