Excerpt – Lost in the Plains, Ark City Confidential Chronicles, Book Three

In this scene, Baron and his task force are having lunch at Daisy Mae’s and try to consider who among the citizens could be a secret German agent and what exactly the escaped POW might be targeting:

Daisy Mae’s became our secondary meeting location. As busy as it could be at times, there was a certain degree of privacy. When you’re hunkered down in a conference room in the station, it appears a tad too obvious. However, no one thought much of four policemen having lunch. Even Marcus couldn’t refrain from devouring a bowl of chili or a club sandwich just like Dave, who was a notoriously loud eater. Ralph Houseman seemed to be waiting tables more than bussing them. After all these years, he had become a true asset to Dixie.
“The FBI guys seem to think someone who has been here for a while is Hammerschmidt’s contact.” I went into detail about the passing conversations I had when encountering them at the Elmo.
“Hey, I know this is going to sound strange,” Evan interjected, “but isn’t it all circumstantial that Hammerschmidt is a saboteur?”
“Come on, Cobb,” Dave mumbled with a mouthful of food. “An ordnance man just walking away from a place he might call home in the future? What else would he be up to?”
“No, I get all that. But, just for argument,” Evan continued, “what if he actually is trying to make his way to Tulsa to be with his sister? Maybe wait out the war there in hiding? You said she didn’t appear as forthcoming as you would have preferred. So if that was his plan after all, she would be harboring a fugitive and could get in big trouble. Naturally, you kind of understand why she wouldn’t be jumping up and down and admitting everything. I know it doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it could.”
Shaking his head and squeezing his eyes until he had almost shut them, Marcus responded, “A guy with that kind of smarts knows he’d be a fugitive as well as risking his sister’s life.” He had a point. “Now, she, on the other hand, might think he’s coming down her way but it’s entirely doubtful.”
“While he may have other motives, we have to assume he is on a mission of sabotage of some kind,” I continued, agreeing with Marcus. I recognized other possibilities existed, but we had to prepare for the worst case. We were policemen. That’s what we did. We would leave the fairy tales to writers.

Lost in the Plains, the Ark City Confidential Chronicles, Book Three, will have its worldwide release on September 16, 2019. Next week, on this blog, we will have the cover reveal, another magnificent offering from the graphic design team at The Wild Rose Press. The following week, look for the book trailer, here and on YouTube. Many of the photos are from my personal collection.

To get caught up on the series, consider buying/reading Ark City Confidential and Secrets of the Righteous.

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