That Post-Conference recap

This past weekend was the Kansas Authors Club’s Hook ‘Em and Book ‘Em Convention. I had the pleasure of being a presenter which offered me a different perspective than my attendance at past conferences.

My presentation on the challenges of writing historical fiction seemed well received. The opening session had about 26 attendees while the afternoon had about 14. There was engaging dialogue and writing prompts using postcards, an idea I got from Jim Potter.

I attended Curt Bohling’s presentation entitled Fiction on Trial. As an Assistant U.S. Attorney, he is uniquely qualified to identify where fiction writers make errors in their presentations of courtroom procedures.

Next there was a session by keynote speaker, Paul Bishop. Bit more on him in a moment.

My friend, April Pameticky offered a unique perspective in her presentation Let Poetry Inform Your Prose. She showed how aspects of poetry could be incorporated into a fiction writer’s work to create new effects perhaps previously unexplored.

Finally, Paul Bishop: 35 year veteran of the L.A. police department; two time detective of the year; master craftsman at interrogation; author, teacher, lecturer. He was engaging, informative, and accessible. These are all the components required to be an effective keynote speaker.

I also attended a post-confenrece gathering at Gallery 1001 in Winfield, KS to pick up more pointers and have a clearer understanding of interrogation techniques. This is an aspect of crime fiction that I find strangely missing from most novels. It is featured in “Lie Catchers” which I bought and had the author sign. It was a great conversation.

As I have commented in the past, writers engage in a solitary art, hiding behind their keyboards, and twisting words into some meaningful tale to present. It is at a conference such as this where authors gather to commiserate and learn. I am grateful to Ann Fell and Sandy Taylor for the invite and their graciousness.

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