Anybody for a free audiobook?

Here’s your chance to download “Ark City Confidential” in audiobook!

Wait! You don’t have an Audible account? No problem. You can log into Audible with your Amazon username and password, and claim your copy here.

If you enjoy the story, please consider leaving a review on Audible.

If the codes available say zero, please check back. More will be made available soon.

And, this is just book one of the Ark City Confidential Chronicles. You can also get Secrets of the Righteous and Lost in the Plains to enjoy the continuing saga of Baron Witherspoon, the facially scarred World War I veteran and beat cop in Arkansas City, Kansas.

AND…the final installment of the series is (hopefully) going to be available in late 2020.

Check out the book trailers for book one, book two, and book three.

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