From Out of the Darkness

This blog has been dark for too long.

First was the period I refer to as The Lull. It is between mid November and the first of the year when the obligations of the holidays coincide collide with shorter days and less sun. The mood is never bright and there is the need to forcibly set myself down to write.

My wife’s uncle and inspiration for the Ark City Confidential series passed away. I was so proud of my achievements based on the many tales he told me it didn’t seem fitting to continue. I’ll be wrapping up that series soon.

And then, the pandemic. The impact, as you all know, is substantial. While I still have a job, it seems I am perhaps a temporary survivor, like a condemned man given a stay of execution. The unmitigated uncertainty of all of this is profoundly disturbing.

So, what will lift me up and pull me out of the doldrums? What positives can I cling to?

Working from home means I can run mini errands during the day and not wait until a long ride home to clean up dishes or prep dinner.
My breaks and lunches, formerly exclusive time for social networking, is devoted to my cats (whose love and adoration is truly uplifting).
I’m reading more, watching DVDs that were still in shrink wrap, and catching up on old film noir on Amazon Prime.

More important, I have a forthcoming vacation next week. It was supposed to be to attend and speak at the OWFI conference. Instead I will begin work on a new novel, another historical crime fiction, a new series and a new character.

The one most significant thing that lifts me up and provides hope is the knowledge that I am still able to create. I won’t fall back on cliches about mythological birds rising from the ashes. Perhaps like a character in a good old film noir movie I’m simply walking out from the shadows.

3 thoughts on “From Out of the Darkness

  1. Glad you’re back, H.B. Sorry about your storytelling uncle. Happy for your cats.


    1. Writers survive in order to tell their stories and inspire others. Much as you have done.


  2. The shadows are shortening. Happy spring!


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