It’s Time to Get Started

I’m feeling right now as though I’m working on a doctoral thesis.

After completing the fourth book of the Ark City Confidential series (which has yet to go to the publisher), I begin work on a new historical crime fiction series. This one takes place in Wichita, post-World War II. I learned a lot from my previous efforts in terms of research so that a realistic setting can be portrayed.

I have spent countless hours in our local library over the past year as well as straining my eyes and brains online attempting to glean even the smallest details. With our current quarantine situation, I am unable to hunker down in the library for a while. Perusing my copious notes is all I can do.

The forthcoming week is a vacation from work (which I am lucky to have, but for how long is anyone’s guess). So, whether I feel ready or not, I am pressing forth. At some point, you’ve got to step up to the plate and write. That act alone will be rejuvenating in this crazy world right.Just focusing on the act of creation will be a reminder of all that is still good in the world.

It’s time to get started.

1 thought on “It’s Time to Get Started

  1. H.B., are you aware that as a Kansas resident the Kansas State Historical Society gives you free online access to most Kansas newspapers from ye ole days? Also, for an annual subscription fee I read daily papers of the Hutchinson News until my eyes ache. It’s been invaluable in my research for Sheriff Fay F. Brown’s badge, a historical mixture of non-fiction with fictional dialogue.


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