These are a collection of aphorisms about writing I composed over several years. Hopefully, they will resonate with other writers. Perhaps readers might find something of note.

Enjoy. Tell me what you think. Share some of your own.

Even when you are not in front of a keyboard, you are still writing.

Writers: Create your world. Visit your world. But do not live in your world. As they say, the mountain can be better appreciated from a distance.

All of my characters are real to me. Even the fake ones.

We never truly say what we mean. Therefore, dialogue should hide more than it reveals.

‘Genre’ is simply the language of writing. It may be foreign to you but you can understand it if you try.

Translating my words through your experience will undoubtedly alter the intent of the work. But, then again, that IS the intent.

The story must be told…in a fashion suitable for the story, not the reader.

Since words may be used as both tools and weapons, be careful how you approach a writer.

The craft of writing requires immaculate patience as well as a freedom from reality.

The Past can only be seen through a fogged window.

Writers often work in the dark, trying to shine a light on humanity.

I don’t have time to be fake. I’m too busy trying to be me.

To some people, it’s not who you are but what you project.

A healthy discussion on the merits or flaws in a writer’s work means that you have at least read the work enough to have an opinion. This is the writer’s ultimate success.

Closure in a novel is a concept not always shared with real life and is intended for the benefit of the reader. Not all stories have closure.

There are times when all you have to do is sit down, in a quiet room, without distraction, in front of a keyboard with a bright blank screen and just write. No thinking, contemplating, planning, considering. Just write.

In writing, the Magical world and the Real world overlap to such an extent that it is difficult to tell which is which.

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