Aphorisms, Part 2

More thoughts on the craft of writing.

Writing is an enhanced view of reality. Reality is writing without the punctuation marks.

Writers need to know when to stop editing and revising and when to let their “little bird” fly off on its own.

Never underestimate the power of a fertile imagination.

Don’t rush through Today otherwise you will be regretting all the Yesterdays.

Writers must write for themselves. The audience is out there. By writing for others, the writer loses his voice.

A reader knows the difference between a haiku and “War and Peace.” A writer doesn’t care. It’s all about the words.

Writing is essentially a solitary craft. There may be support, motivation, and encouragement from outside sources. However, a writer walks a lonely path.

I don’t care what genre you prefer. My question is: Beyond the marketing and the sales and the networking, do you BELIEVE in the writing?

2 thoughts on “Aphorisms, Part 2

  1. Have you ever considered how many rabbit holes it takes for you to write a story?


    1. If I started to, I’d be going down even more!

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