Please allow me to introduce myself!

The process of buying a book seems to follow an established pattern, whether it is online or in a book store. Unless it is a favorite author or by a recommendation, we typically start by noticing the book title and the cover. Publishers harp on the notion of an intriguing thumbnail for websites.

There will be a tag line on the front that is designed to capture your attention, followed by the blurb on the back. Additionally, there is the author’s bio. That’s when it starts to get interesting. As you can see, there are any number of possible stops along the journey that might intrigue you or bore you to the extent of moving on.

Once you get to the information about the writer, you may proceed on to their personal website or their blog or any of their social media profiles. These are the times when you really really want to know about the author. Who are they? What makes them write what they write? What is their process? This, for the uninitiated, is the author’s platform.

Now, from a purely sales and marketing perspective, you want your readers (and potential readers) to know everything about you. Well, at least, everything worthwhile that will help you sell books. Or rather you are selling yourself with the intention of selling your product which is books.

The question then arises as to how much you need to know about the author in order to actually enjoy and appreciate the writing. If someone writes police procedurals, is it important that you learn about their past career in law enforcement? If a political thriller intrigues you, is it relevant whether or not the writer has a background in the military, perhaps Special Ops?

There is a line of demarcation in terms of connecting with the author. Again, with the exception of the well established and longstanding writers who EVERYONE is familiar with, the notion of a connection with an author is significant in terms of sales. It should be that the writing and the quality of the story captivate a reader enough to disappear into that world without an relevant information regarding who wrote it.

I suppose each reader follows their own instincts. But if it is absolutely necessary for you to learn more about me in order to appreciate my works, I am ready to field your questions.

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