Oh, it’s Transition Time again!

By strict definition:


movement, passage, or change from one position, state, stage, subject, concept, etc., to another; change:

But, as we know, the dictionary does not EXACTLY replicate Life. What is referenced here are two positions or states or stages and the movement or passage from one to the other. There is often, as you may have experienced yourself, the brief stagnation in that movement. It’s not always fluid and smooth and complete without repercussion.

And, oh, have I (as have you) gone through them on numerous occasions. You can’t avoid it if you: grow old, and live somewhere other than in a monastery. While my life HAS been relatively stable for quite some time, certain life events have placed me in that all-too-familiar position of transition.

That’s right: It’s Transition Time again!

It starts with a change of employment. You all understand THAT concept. You do something you know how to do and go to something you’re not quite sure about, until you eventually know how to do THAT, and wonder why you ever wondered about it. Maybe your schedule (work and life) has changed. In my case, for the first time in 24 years, I will not be required to work nights, weekends, holidays, and won’t have to worry about my schedule changing every three to six months.

Let’s talk about the real important stuff. The stuff I talk about here in this venue. Writing. The craft of writing and the passion for it. I had already completed the Ark City Confidential Chronicles series and had been developing a new series. A first draft was completed. Initial editing was done. Ok, time to take a breather. Then, I got the brilliant idea to take an out-of-print contemporary crime fiction and convert it into historical (given my passion for it), had researched everything (or just about) that I needed, and started writing. Three chapters in. Good, right?

Sure, but there’s the new job and with it, a re-examination of benefits. And since I’m close enough to retirement (anywhere from three to six years), there is further evaluation on finances, savings, investments, downsizing by moving from a beautiful (but BIG) Victorian home, the utter stress of the moving process (which hasn’t been done in 23 years, now in a house with far more sh–, um, STUFF!), and I guess you could definitely say it’s Transition Time.

As a matter of fact, for the last three nights, I’ve gotten home, made dinner, and hopped immediately onto the computer — to research medical plans, dental plans, FSAs, HSAs, homes in the area, etc. This is the first opportunity to just sit and chat with you folks. And, well, it’s kind of nice.

Look, my life is no more or less stressful, harried, busy, panicked than anyone else’s. I’m just talking about it, largely as a way to remind myself of that banal comment “And this, too, shall pass.” Just so long as I can get back to writing (you know, The Happy Place), it doesn’t matter how long it takes to get from one side to the other.


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