No, I have not stopped writing!

I wouldn’t blame you if you have stopped following me or, even with your own busy life, stopped wondering where I’ve been. There are too many other things clamoring for your attention. So it is with me. Between starting a new job in May and seriously pushing forward on downsizing and continued planning on retirement (yeah, I’m THAT old!), even I have had my attention pulled away a bit.

But NOT when it comes to writing.

Look, I’m a writer. I’ve stated that innumerably in the past. Writers write. I always did and always will. It’s the whole social media and platform thing that has gone temporarily dormant. I haven’t been engaging others as much, haven’t posted or responded like I did around the time of the OWFI conference. Yeah, I’ve been around but not forward.

Yet in between the work and home responsibilities and the future planning, there has been baking and sausage-making and, yeah, writing. I’ve taken my first non-self published novel (now no longer in print) and re-worked it into a 1938 historical crime fiction. I got through the second draft of my new historical crime fiction series (set in post WWII Wichita) and found a great place for research. (The folks at the Midwest Historical and Genealogical Society were very gracious and welcoming. One session of 90 minutes with the 1946 Polk City Directory gave me more information about life in Wichita than I could have imagined.)

You see, we have gotten to a point where our writing is inextricably tied up with our social media. YOU don’t think I’m writing because my presence is not as prevalent. I’m here to reassure you this is not the case. Writers write. And I don’t have the wherewithal to stop. I just don’t have as much time to post about it.

So, if you were at all worried, everything’s fine, I have not stopped writing and all is right with my world.

1 thought on “No, I have not stopped writing!

  1. Hear hear! Writers write, and that’s what it all comes down to in the end. We can be published, unpublished, fiction, or non-fiction writers, but what matters most is that we actually write. Thanks for sharing!


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