Who is the Tikiman and how many Hawaiian shirts does he own?

I am H.B. Berlow of Wichita, KS, formerly of Boston, MA and about nearly another dozen  places since 1980.  I am a writer, primarily of mystery and crime fiction, but have delved into other genres (such as poetry and screenwriting.)  When I developed a fascination for Lounge Music (ultralounge.com) and Hawaiian shirts (highseastrading.com) and then bought a PT Cruiser (color known as Inferno Red), the Tikiman was born.

My blog is about writer’s and writing and my other primary interest: cooking.  I do not have as many entries regarding my culinary fascination as I should.  That will change.

You can find me on Facebook as well.


5 thoughts on “Who is the Tikiman and how many Hawaiian shirts does he own?

  1. Many years ago, I started wearing Hawaiian-style shirts that I had purchased at thrift stores like Salvation Army and D.A.V. I’d wear them on Friday at work and referred to it as “Wicky Wacky Friday”. Then I started wearing them more frequently. Most of them cost anywhere from $3.99 to $6.99. one year, my wife bought a real nice one from Hilo Hattie’s, a genuine Hawaiian outfitter. That did it; the good ones were in permanently and the cheap ones were eliminated. From Hilo Hatties, we went to Maui Shirts and then to High Seas Trading. Along with that, I started developing a taste for Lounge Music. I have nearly the entire Ultra Lounge collection. I discoved Martin Denny and Arthur Lyman and the world of Exotica. Beyond the traditional martini, I explored the world of classic cocktails: the Cosmopolitan, the Mojito, the Sidecar, the Suffering Bastard. When I bought my car, an Inferno Red Pt Cruiser, I knew for the first time in my life that I NEEDED vanity plates. And so was born Tikiman.


  2. Pleasure. Thanks for visiting my page 🙂


    1. The pleasure is all mine. I wish you continued success.
      As I stated, keep at it.


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