And the winner is…

I thought it would be fun to have a book giveaway contest. Hey, who doesn’t like something for free, right? I absolutely did not want it to be random. That’s where I came up with the idea of promoting Kansas Two-Step by asking people to tell me what their favorite dance was and why.

I naturally assumed there was going to be one entry that would make me laugh to bust a gut. Or was full of whimsy and would make me chortle. (Yes, I still chortle on occasion.) Then I got the first entry. And I laughed. And then, I don’t know, maybe I’ve got a real sensitive funny bone, because they all made me laugh.

So, I tried to be analytical. I read all the entries, I don’t know, five times a piece. First by themselves and then one right after another. No good. They were all too good.

Yes, I hear the smart aleck in the back row saying “Why don’t they all get a free book?” Obviously, that individual does not know anything about promoting one’s work.

That left me at the place where I didn’t want to be. Random.

All entrants names were put on a small slip of paper of equal size and folded in the exact same fashion. I have a stone mug from the old Haufbrau Haus beer. It has HB in the front with a crown on top. How cool is that? And then, to keep it purely honest, I let my wife pull out the name.

Since this is NOT the Academy Awards, I can’t say “…And the book goes to…”

The winner is Cathy Coley. I will be contacting her to ship her a lovely, personally signed copy of a madcap comic crime caper. But I certainly do thank everyone who visited the blog or the website. It’s truly been a lot of fun.


The Book Giveaway Contest Has Ended

And the winner is…?

Sorry, but I think I said I would announce the first week of March.

Enjoy your weekend!

Let’s have a contest!

Well, I’ve got this blog and I’ve got a website and I’ve got some decent product in the form of two novels, a collection of novellas, and two collections of poetry. My first novel “Kansas Two-Step” has gotten a shot in the arm from a vlog on Keyhole Conversations. I figured I could generate even more buzz.

And who doesn’t love a contest?

This one is simple but fun. Go to my website,, go to the Guestbook and send me a creative message telling me what your favorite dance is and why. That’s all.

The contest will run the entire month of February and the winner will be announced the first week of March. Don’t forget to include your e-mail address when you enter so I can contact you for mailing address info.

Put on your reading glasses and your dancing shoes.