I find that communion (or community) with other writers provides me with a sense of motivation that I don’t find to a greater degree elsewhere. After the KWA seminar in 2010 and 2011, after a one-day seminar with Gordon Kessler (“Novel Writing Made Simple”), after a KWA monthly meeting (especially after one like this past Saturday with Cully Abrell)—the feeling inside is to sit my butt down and tap out some prose or edit and revise a work in progress or read an invigorating piece of fiction or…

The bottom line is that we as writers NEED to be around others, especially other writers. There is the line you will hear about writing being a solitary act of creation. Then again, many acts of creation are solitary. Dramatics is one primary exception to the rule. However, we all need feedback and inspiration and encouragement.

I believe the lack of that is what leads a great many scribes to what is known as Writer’s Block. This is when solitary activity alone causes a general shutdown of the creative process. All it takes, it would seem, is that element of community.

That being said, I am not currently a member of a critique group but I am certainly aware that I must find one. I can’t wait a year for another conference or a month for another meeting.

I am motivated NOW.


4 thoughts on “Motivation

  1. I like this well said blog here! I feel the same way for writing : no support = lack of criativity and motivation ….i will follow your blog…love to hear your writing journey! 🙂


  2. Thank you for the kind words. My writing journey = my life’s journey. So as I have found, pushing 50 (not pushing too hard) and realizing “the bigger picture.”


  3. Interesting article….I was part of a critique group for more than five years, but stopped going about fifteen months ago.


    1. After all that time, what made you stop attending? Were the participants responsive to your needs? Or did you feel more comfortable writing externally, so to speak? I’m interested in knowing what did and did not work for you.


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